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Andree Clement

Midsummer Madness at San Francisco's Roxie Theatre featuring two films of Andrée Clément


Save the date! Join us for THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT's MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE—featuring "Goth Girl" ANDRÉE CLÉMENT

Who is Andrée Clément?

Join intrepid French noir explorer Don Malcolm at San Francisco's Roxie Theater on Thursday evening, July 26, as he shines a light on the most unusual actresses in the entire French film noir canon.

"We call Andrée Clément the first 'Goth girl' for her modern look, her intensity and her unique mingling of darkness and innocence," says Don. "Tragedy hung over her: she lost her husband at age 21 due to World War II. Her health, always fragile, betrayed her: she was only 35 when she died."

Louis Jouvet called her "my angel of darkness." Serge Reggiani claimed that no actress ever gave him the kind of shivers she induced in him when they worked together. Her filmography is slight—just 13 films—but she's indelible in all of them.

La fille du diable - Devil's DaughterMalcolm is so taken with the "Goth girl" that he couldn't wait to share her with his audience. THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT's "Midsummer Nightmare" showcases Clément beginning at 7:15 pm on Thursday, July 26, in two startling mid-40s noirs.

First, she gives a chilling performance in Henri Decoin's LA FILLE DU DIABLE/DEVIL'S DAUGHTER (1946), where she embodies a desolate psychological space as a young girl masterminding a gang of provincial thugs.

What makes the story stranger still is her idolizing of a gangster in hiding (Pierre Fresnay) who only wants to elude the authorities, and who's being blackmailed into being a model citizen by the town consul (Fernand Ledoux) who knows his true identity. This is one of the most infernal triangles in all of film noir—don't miss it!

Next, in MACADAM/THE BACK STREETS OF PARIS (1946), Clément is joined by some serious star power—Simone Signoret, Paul Meurisse, and the legendary Françoise Rosay—in an ironic tale of the sordid events that swirl around the Hotel Bijou, a seedy dive run with an iron fist by Rosay. It's the usual plat du jour—murder, deceit, revenge, greed, squalor, prostitution, unrequited love—but served up with extra panache and wit by a stellar cast. Andrée Clément is the long-suffering "good girl" who tugs at your heart—and who will absolutely astonish you in MACADAM's slam-bang finish!

Macadam - The Back Streets of Paris.

Thursday, July 26 Showtimes - One Night Only!

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Joseph Losey's The Lawless and M

Thanks to our loyal fan base in San Francisco for their support of last month's DARK SIDE OF THE DREAM festival at the Roxie Theatre (March 23-26). The sensational press coverage was exceeded only by the enthusiastic engagement of the audience, who connected all the dots in our look at "subversive cinemea for subversive times." The crowd cheered for all 12 films in Elliot Lavine's great series, with special kudos for the Joseph Losey double bill featuring his incendiary remake of M and the rarely-screened THE LAWLESS.


Cet homme est dangereux - This Man Is DangerousFrancophiles in the LA area, take note: plans for a fourth French noir series are underway, and we will keep you informed as they are finalized.

The 2018 series is scheduled for September at the American Cinematheque's Aero Theatre in Santa Monica and will showcase several films discussed by legendary director/cinephile Bertrand Tavernier at last year's festival, including CET HOMME EST DANGEREUX (THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS) featuring Eddie Constantine. Subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.



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